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May 20, 2007

Accute Cystitis

Gilda was very low-key yesterday. She did not eat much. She slept a lot. She seemed to have a bit of a fever. This morning, she was running around and eager to eat; however, she made several trips to the litter box. A few minutes later, we saw her trying to urinate on a towel. So it seems that she is having another bought of cystitis. We gave her a 30C Nux vomica remedy.

As we were cleaning things up, we found a post-it with notes from her last bought of cystitis. We gave a 200C Sulfur as prescribed by Dr. Lisa Brienen at Mercy Vet.

Ruptured Anal Gland

Every so often, Romulus gets a clogged anal gland which ruptures. Wednesday was the latest. We cleaned him up, gave him a 30C Hepar sulpher and thought we'd keep an eye on it.

Thursday comes and as Lisa is heading out the door to school, Romulus throws up his entire breakfast. Now it's time for a vet trip.

Dr. Marta Nobrega at Mercy Vet got to clean out Rom's anal glands; a thick muddy paste rather came out. We're supposed to get him re-checked on Monday to make sure things are healing well. In the future, we get to regularly irrigate and clean his anal glands to prevent this from reoccuring.

Old Man Cough

Since about the time of Angus' surgery (Jan 2006), he has been doing what we call "the old man cough." It's a dry hack sort of cough. In the past three months, it has change to be much more intense to include a loud vocalization. It's like "he's trying to throw up a human being."

We took him to get checked out and were given Lycopodium. We don't remember the strength. We gave that to him yesterday. So far, no changes.

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