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July 2, 2007

They find us

Animals find us. I swear, we don't go looking for them. They find us. Thursday, I picked Lisa up at work. She tells me she's volunteered us for taxi service for a found snake. Someone called in to the clinic to say they found what they thought was a Burmese Python that was about about 6 - 7 feet long and weight about 15 pounds. We were to pick the snake up and take it to a reptile center that would take it.

Well, we get there and it turned out to be a Red-tailed Boa and about 4 - 5 feet long. It's still quite a bit larger than any of the snakes that we already have and could easily kill the majority of the other animals in the house. At this point, Lisa says that there's no need to take it to the reptile center since it's not a Burmese python. "We'll take it."

July 19, 2007

She was a He

When our Rosie Coastal Boa, Violet, had not eaten a meal in over a month, we decided to take he in to the vet to have her checked out. She was healthy and fine. Turns out, though, that "she" is actually a "he". We think we're going to stay with the name "Violet" though. We just have to get used to calling him "him".

One shed and a course of anitbiotics

After we took in this five-foot long boa, we took it in to get an annual. We found out definitively that it is a "he". We spent some time coming up with a name. Greek and Roman mythology turned up nothing useful. Several words or names that didn't exactly roll off the tongue. We finally came up with two candidates: Nigel or Serpico. We liked Serpico because it was a bit like Serpent. Nigel was good because it fits with several of the other British names we have such as Daphne, Basil, and Arthur. We finally went with Nigel because it was far easier to actually say than Serpico.

Nigels annual also turned up a bacterial infection, so we did a course of antibiotics. During that time, he shed. It was not a good shed. He basically shed the skin off his belly and still had skin intact down his back, so we had to pretty much remove that for him. Unfortunately, two scales also came with the skin down near the tip of his tail. That looks like it is healing up fine at this point.

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